StickerJOY Monthly

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Sounds amazing.  Tell me more!

Each month, you'll receive our themed sticker kit full of exclusive designs and patterns in that month's color palette.  These are sticker sheets you won't be able to purchase separately on our site - they are designed just for our StickerJOY Monthly subscribers!  In addition to our exclusive stickers, you'll also receive fun coordinated extra planner accessories, stationery items and more!

Who designs all of these awesome kits?

Vicki and Jess are a creative sister team that own Design Pandemonium.  We are thrilled to brainstorm, design and curate all of the kits each month ourselves.  We love coming up with fun and unique ideas to bring into reality in your planner pages.

Do I have to subscriber forever?

Yep!  Once you're in you're ours for life!  LOL - kidding of course.  Once you subscribe you are in control of your account.  You can skip, resume, or cancel at anytime.  We'd like to think once you're in you'd be hooked for life but we know sometimes adulting gets in the way of all of the fun which is why we want you to be in complete control!


How it works: Orders ship out each month around the 25th. Your card will be charged your renewal rate on the 9th day of month in the month of your renewal. Your pack will arrive in time to use for the upcoming month in your planner!