Social Media - Mini Trackers

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Are your social media tasks getting out of control OR maybe you're forgetting to post when you need to and something to remind you would keep you on track!

These Social Media Mini Trackers are the perfect way to mark on your monthly view, on your wall calendar and in your weekly view the days and times you should be posting to your preferred social media outlets.  Maybe you're a YouTube sensation - use the full page of our YouTube mini trackers to mark your edits, videos, posts, and more - simply use the sticker alone or layer it with another to write more details.

We've got options for you - the Social Media sampler or choose a full sheet of your favorite icon if you need more in your stash!

This set includes ONE (1) half sheet of stickers (shown in the listing image) with the variety of stickers to fit perfectly in any calendar or planner you prefer!

All of our stickers are printed using the highest quality materials and each sticker is fully removable from your planner page. Plans aren't permanent and now neither are your Design Pandemonium stickers.