2020 Wacky Holidays Jumbo Wall Calendar

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Get yourself organized and set for a full year of fun with our brand new 2020 Wacky Holidays Jumbo Wall Calendar!

This calendar is a perfect size for all of your monthly planning with a generous size of 12" wide by 18" tall - each month in the calendar is nearly full sized to the sheet leaving you lots of space on each day for jotting down appointments, meetings, lessons, activities, workouts and more!

Plus, what makes this calendar like no other calendar on the market today is that each and every day of the month will have one super fun and whimsical 'wacky holiday' for you to celebrate.  Maybe you didn't know January 13th is 'Sticker Day' or that February 21st is 'Sticky Bun Day' - well now you do.  Every day this calendar brings a little bit of JOY and gives you a little something fun to celebrate that's going to bring a smile to your face!  All of our wacky holiday designs are hand-drawn original designs just for this calendar!

We are also so very proud to be supporting The Autism Society of Minnesota with this product launch!  From every calendar sold we are donating $5 directly to AuSM for their continued work helping autistic children, adolescents, adults and families in need of support and assistance!  Your purchase of this calendar is making a huge impact in supporting their mission.

With a sturdy coil bound design and smooth as butter paper you're going to love looking at this calendar all year long.  The hardest part will be waiting until the next month to see which wacky holidays are coming up next!

A peek at the inside of the back cover will reveal our secret pocket - where you can store schedule sheets, school year calendars, sports schedules, concert schedules, invitations, stickers and more.  Now everything you need to fill out your calendar each month can be neatly stored in this pocket envelope!  No need to go searching for these items when you want to update your calendar.

Plus as a bonus, we have designed a coordinated sheet of stickers for each month.  Adding stickers to your calendar gives even more function to the already gorgeous monthly pages.  Add the stickers for important activities, birthdays, anniversaries, etc and since our stickers are 100% removable - move them around if your plans change!

You can add on the whole coordinated bundle and save over individual pricing!  

We know you are going to absolutely love hanging this calendar on your wall and everyone who sees it is going to be intrigued to know which holiday should be celebrated that day!  But more importantly, what wacky holiday will you celebrate on your birthday?!?!  I'll bet you'll have more fun than you know!

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