Themed Kit - Nine and Three Quarters

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When it comes to Harry Potter, sometimes we just want to be a part of the fun of eating all of those snacks on the Hogwarts Express.

Maybe you want to try a Chocolate Frog, some jelly slugs or the famous Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans - whatever your taste, this Harry Potter 9 3/4 kit will satisfy your craving to more Harry Potter in your planner. 

This kit includes the following

5 Full Coordinated Sticker Sheets to plan an entire "no white space" week in your planner. Or if you're a less is more kind of planner girl then this set will surely last you most of the month.

By purchasing this kit you will receive a bundle discount. Each sheet is sold separately at regular sticker sheet prices.

Add on our 'date dots' or write in the dates yourself - either way, your planner will elevate you from muggle to wizard status!!

All of our stickers are printed using the highest quality materials and each sticker is fully removable from your planner page. Plans aren't permanent and now neither are your Design Pandemonium stickers.

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