Quotes - Gilmore Girls V2

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Are you a planner lover who also loves watching Gilmore Girls? Perhaps you can't get enough of Lorelai and Rory and that mother/daughter dynamic that makes the show so fun and funny to watch. Maybe you envision yourself at Luke's grabbing a cup of coffee. Whatever the reason, you love the show and now you can have your favorite quotes from Gilmore Girls in your planner each week.

This Gilmore Girls 2.0 quote set gives you even more of the heartfelt and funny snips from your favorite show!

You'll want to grab this set to keep yourself laughing all week long at the show that shaped so many lives! Grab some caffeine (in any form you can get it), get your stickers and start planning!

All of our stickers are printed using the highest quality materials and each sticker is fully removable from your planner page. Plans aren't permanent and now neither are your Design Pandemonium stickers.

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