Quotes - Game of Thrones V2

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The End Begins.

Have you been counting down, binge watching in Game of Thrones? Maybe you've just started watching. 

If so, this sampler set including hand-drawn house sigils, house words and some of our favorite GoT quotes, will be the perfect way to plan to watch the best show on HBO!

Winter Is Here and soon we will know who will sit on the Iron Throne!
This listing is for a set of custom designed quote stickers featuring episode markers for some of our favorite houses plus some of the best quotes from Game of Thrones. You will love adding these quotes to your planner to remind you of some of the best parts from seasons past and present. Your favorite characters and houses are captured in this set.
Five Kings. One Throne.
All of our stickers are printed using the highest quality materials and each sticker is fully removable from your planner page. Plans aren't permanent and now neither are your Design Pandemonium stickers.

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