LetterJOY - Pardon My French

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Ever have those moments where a not so appropriate word flies out of your mouth and right on to your planner? Heck, maybe it's an entire day...week? Or, maybe "French" is just your natural state of speaking!! Whether you celebrate colorful language or curse it (pun totally intended) this "Pardon My French Sampler" is the perfect way to mark your planner with some sass and fun!!

Better yet, pair these little gems with either a "Pardon my French Fries" or a "Pardon My French Toast" sticker and keep your language enriched planning completely guilt free!!! 

This sampler is done in our rainbow palette so it can mix and match with any color palette your curse words desire!! 

Each phrase on this sampler has been hand-lettered by Lindsey Graff exclusively for Design Pandemonium and presented to you in a bright rainbow palette to match every weekly theme you could imagine. Make each moment amazing!

All of our stickers are printed using the highest quality materials and each sticker is fully removable from your planner page. Plans aren't permanent and now neither are your Design Pandemonium stickers.

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