Origin Story - How it all began

March 08, 2021

Origin Story - How it all began

It's the part of the story we all want to know, right?  Think about it for a moment.  What do we love most about our favorite Superheroes?  We love and yearn to know who they were before they were ever Super!  We hope and pray for a new movie release letting us glimpse a little more inside what makes them tick, what are their weaknesses, why are they the badass hero we all love to root for?

Like all of our favorite superheroes, we all have our own origin story.  We all have a piece of ourselves that we lock away and keep hidden from the world.  Perhaps that's the piece we should be letting go of; that's the piece we should be sharing with everyone; that's the piece we should be most proud of.  After all, it is not only who we are by why we are!

Well, Design Pandemonium has an origin story of it's own and while we certainly are not superheroes in any sense of the word; we hope you find our story gives you a deeper glimpse about who we are and why we do the things we do.

To start, Design Pandemonium wasn't even Design Pandemonium.  Honestly, it began as a one-woman show in the late summer of 2014 after a family vacation to South Dakota!

After returning from that vacation, I decided that I was going to prepare to send my youngest daughter off to Kindergarten and while both of my girls were in school; I was going to start a sticker business!  I discussed these ideas with my husband.  Naturally he was supportive of my venture although his pragmatic engineer's mind probably doubted much would come of the idea.

Planner Pandemonium was born and with that; the Pimp My Planner subscription kit.  Of course, if I was going into a sticker business; I was going ALL THE WAY IN with a subscription kit.  This kit was set up to fulfill my desires for my planner at the time.  I wanted something fun and whimsical to celebrate throughout the month (aka the Wacky Holidays) and I wanted stickers focused on a theme each month that would not only be fun and decorative but functional to last me the entire month!  The first Pimp My Planner kit was designed and mailed out for the month of September 2014 and I was off; charting the course of my own business.

It wasn't really until after launching my business that I realized there was such a vast community of others using paper planners and decorating with stickers.  I was excited to find more people like me!  People who love the feel of paper; love writing with their favorite pens and love using stickers!  I've been like this since I was a kid with my own collector sticker book filled with the greatest stickers of all time!

Flash forward several months and I am meeting so many amazing people who I connect with not only as customers and subscribers but as friends.  It was during the late spring of 2015 that my favorite person ever, (my sister) Jessica called me one day and asked a TON of questions about what I was doing.  She wanted to know what all of this sticker business was all about and what exactly my business entailed.  She wanted to be a part of it and naturally; I wanted her to be a part of the adventure with me.  So, in April of 2015 I asked her if she could draw some designs for some of my stickers and from that moment on we were bound together into this sticker adventure together!

Jessica began drawing all of the Wacky Holidays and now our kit included a Wacky Holiday for every day of the month.  She was drawing everything we needed for every aspect of our subscription kit as well as anything else we added to our store.  Jessica was a part of the business through and through and it was shortly after that she decided to take a leap of faith and quit her full time career teaching high school Spanish and join on as a partner in what would become Design Pandemonium.  That day, our dreams as little girls became our reality!


Who is lucky enough to own a business with their best friend?  This girl - me!  I am the lucky one who gets to brainstorm ideas and dream of future goals with the one person in my life who truly knows my own personal origin story and I know hers!

It is a gift that each of our fabulous and amazing customers give to us each and every day!  Everyone of you who "walk" through the doors of our shop to place an order give us this lasting gift.  Our dreams are a reality because of you.

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